Heel marks on parquet or synthetic floors can be easily wiped away with petroleum or white spirit.
Draw a white line with block board chalk. This will stop the ants from going any further.
Tarnished silver ware will shine again if you clean it with tooth paste under warm water and then let it dry.
Your glasses will not fog up anymore if you clean them with dry soap and polish after with a soft cloth.
Cigarette ashes on the plants chases aphids away.
When you cut flowers, notice the following: Soft stems should be cut straight/perpendicular, hard stems on an angle. Wooden stems should also be flattened a little.
Fresh blood stains should be first treated with cold water. Older stains can be cleaned with salt and luke warm water.
Firstly cut the burnt fibre with a razor blade. With a stiff brush, pull fibres from the carpet into the hole. Use some glue in the hole and spread the fibre onto it. Use a newspaper or towel to press. Let it dry.
Strawberry stains should be soaked in hot vinegar water prior to machine washing.
Fresh fat stains on leather can be treated by carefully treating with beaten egg white.
Hands lose the fishy smell when you wash them with vinegar and salt.
To stop flames while barbequing, just sprinkle some salt on them.
Use an old tooth brush to treat joints with slightly diluted ammonia. Rinse well with water after treatment!
Dissolve dental cleansing tablet and soak jewellery for 4 to 5 hours.
To make gras stains on fabrics disappear, treat them with methylated spirit. Treat fabric with soap and water after.
Use an old tooth brush to treat joints with slightly diluted ammonia. Rinse well with water after treatment!
Attach a moist towel behind the radiator and use your hair drier to blow the dust on the towel. The dust will stick on the towel.
A suitable method for cleaning your BBQ grill is using used coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are also an excellent fertilizer for pot plants or your garden beds.
To keep your nail polish fresh, store it in the fridge. Even previously frozen nail polish will not disintegrate.
A moist piece of sugar will draw out the poison. Lemon juice or diluted ammonia helps with itchy mosquito bites. Wasp stings heal faster if you rub fresh parsley on it. However, if severe swelling occurs, consult a doctor.
Treat with a little butter, rinse with medicinal benzene and then wash normally.
Treat with ice or put in freezer until the gum can be broken away.
Treat hair with normal hand cream. Then rub it with a dry towel until gum is removed.
Warm up the wax with a hair drier until it is soft. Remove wax with a paper towel and clean spot with diluted vinegar.
Put several layers of paper towel on both side of stained fabric and warm up with an iron.
Spray stain with hairs spray and brush/rinse with diluted vinegar.
Treat the joints between the tiles with some salt to keep the weeds away.
Lipstick stains can be treated with methylated spirits.
A potholder of copper wire in the humidifier prevents limescale.
Use soft bread to rub away make-up and sun screen stains!
For shiny tiles, bath tubes and sink, treat them with normal car wax!
Use normal car wax to make your synthetic surfaces shiny again!
After dusting, treat them with a halved onion.
Table legs etc. made from chrome steel that have lost their shine, can be treated with the matt side of a moist aluminium foil.
To clean brass, use salt dissolved in vinegar.
Bottles with a musty smell are best cleaned by soaking them in a mixture of powdered charcoal and water for a long time.
Put a tomato plant in a large pot on the sunniest place of your apartment. The smell of the plant will keep the pests away.
Cut the tree on an angle and water with a mixture of 2 parts of Glycerol and 1 part of water to slow down the loss of needles