Kristall klar is delighted to have a professional organizer on hand with Caroline Bamert from FEEderleicht to help you with the issues of organizing, tidying up and clearing out.

The following services can be booked:

Turnkey solution
You discuss your wishes regarding organizing and tidying up with FEEderleicht. Then you will receive an offer for the implementation of the project. Everything will be organized and tidied up as if by magic. Article categories that contains more articles as can be stored in the available space are displayed in your home like in a shop. When you get home, FEEderleicht goes through everything with you. You decide what stays. Afterwards, FEEderleicht will sort these items and discard / recycle / sell / donate according to your wishes the surplus items that are ready to leave your home and life.
Costs according to offer.

Coaching and support during the process of tidying up
You will be supported by ongoing coaching (resolve blockages, discuss processes, learn “how-to-do”) and practical support through the tidying up process. FEEderleicht helps you to categorize your items so you can more easily decide what articles will stay and what needs to be done. Afterwards everything is assigned a suitable place and organized perfectly with clever ideas and systems. Cost: Fr. 90 .– / hour

Coaching before and during the process of tidying up
FEEderleicht accompanies you with personal coaching to create order. In sessions of 2 hours each, blockages are resolved, processes are discussed and the “how-to-do” is learned. The implementation is done by the customers on her/his own. Cost: Fr. 90 .– / hour

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Caroline Bamert is looking forward to hearing from you:
Phone: 079 662 58 67