Rita Henggeler

Business Owner
Client Relations Manager

Stephan Henggeler

Business Owner
Planing, Administration

Marlis Nölly-Reichmuth

Marlis Nölly-Reichmuth
Finance, Administration

Brigitta Krättli

QA, Training

Kristall-Klar was started in September 2009 and has experienced quite a remarkable development since.

Rita Henggeler, the initiator and main driver behind the company’s successful start-up has instigated a company culture with a focus on excellence right from the beginning, through the identification of three main goals:

  • The highest customer satisfaction, achieved through the delivery of highest quality service.
  • Fair working conditions and above average industry payment for our employees.
  • Financial, social and environmental sustainability are the basis of a healthy company.

Our focus on customer service has been rewarded by our clients resulting in average annual turnover growth rates of over 100% per year.

During the first 5 years the Kristall-Klar team has served around 700 clients, of which around 250 are regular.

What has started in 2009 as just an idea has become a fast growing company with a team of more than 47 well-trained, dedicated employees.